On the hills overlooking Santa Clara Utah, in the Santa Clara River Reserve, there are some impressive petroglyphs. Years ago you could drive right up to them. Today, you have to hike to them. Below is a map that leads from the trailhead to the main location as well as a particular petroglyph.

The site shown here is called Temi' Po' Op. The rock art is difficult to find, and I'm not sure they are worth the hike. However, the two petroglyphs depicted in this photograph were well worth the endeavor.

Happy hunting!!

Santa Clara Petroglyph

Map to Temi' Po' Op

Several years ago I visited another petroglyph location in the Santa Clara River Reserve. At that time I drove right up to the site. However, as with the Temi' Po' Op site, you now have to hike in.

Below is a map I believe directs you to the site. I can't recommend this location enough. As you can see in the video below, the petroglyphs are many and pristine.

Map to site