'Along the Way' by the late Emmy winning Host/Producer David Bert is an information site and television show that focuses on the unique people, places and things within a half-day's drive of Clark County, Nevada. If you live in Las Vegas and subscribe to Cox cable service you can watch the program on Clark County TV4 at various times during the week. A program schedule can be downloaded from CCTV4's web site. If you have a fast internet connection you can also view a quality live video stream. Following is a list of the primary topics covered in each show. If you are interested in a particular topic and would like information about when that show will air email us. Refer to the show title in your request. (i.e. ATW 101)

ATW 101... Main topic: Zion National Park, 'Ask the Expert': Hiking boots, Slideshow: China Ranch Date Farm, Cooking: Chili Cheese Biscuits in a Dutch Oven.

ATW 102... Clark County Reptiles: Rattlesnakes, Tortoise, Gila Monster, Chuckwalla and Collared Lizard.

ATW 103... Shoshone, California: Shoshone Museum, Dublin Gulch, Pre-historic animal Tracks, Cafe C'est Si Bon (links to other stops Along the Way in the Shoshone area)