It's hard to imagine from the parking lot what this trail has in store for you but you will see the white domes that give the trail its name.


The trail begins with a steep descent that is the only reason for the moderate rating. Once you reach the bottom of this section it's clear sailing. It's a great idea to make stops along the way to examine the plants and animal tracks.


On the wall that borders the trail on the right you'll see the beautiful erosion patterns and colors that define Valley of Fire. The red colors are from oxidized iron while the purple colors are from manganese.

This is what's left of the set from the movie "The Professionals' that was filmed here in 1965. Movies filmed on location at Valley of Fire today are closely managed to make sure that no evidence remains. At the set for 'Star Trek: Generations' it is impossible to tell that they were even there.




The wash just below the movie set has many beautiful things to see. The lower walls of the wash are cross-sections of the sandstone that remind you of those sand paintings you find in southwestern gift shops while about 20 feet above you are delicate 'fins'. Geologic formations that have defied erosion.


The slot canyon is easily the star of the show. Towering 75 feet above you it is a magnificent site, and its year round shade is welcome in hotter weather.


Just to your right as you exit the slot canyon is one of the most beautiful examples of nature's art that you'll ever see. The colors are most vibrant in the afternoon.


As you rise toward the end of the trail the scene opens up into a grandiose view. This is a trail you'll be hard pressed to forget.


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