How Much Is It To Snake A Drain? (Solved)

The typical cost of a plumber to snake a drain ranges from $100 to $275, depending on whether the drain is in a toilet, sink, tub, shower, or laundry. The typical cost of snakeing a main line is from $150 to $500 per line.
The cost of snakeing a drain.

Type Average Cost
Complex Clog / Main Line / Multiple Fixtures $150 – $500
Severe Clog Requiring Hydro Jetting $250 – $800


How much does it cost to snake all drains?

The cost of having a plumber snake a drain is not well known. It is estimated that the average cost to have a drain professionally snaked is $220. The range is $136 to $305, according to HomeAdvisor.

Can you snake your own drain?

You may clear obstructions from your drains by snake-ing them yourself. Routine, tiny sink blockages caused by hairballs or food leftovers are often found in the u-shaped trap just below the sink or only a few feet lower in the drainpipe, depending on the situation. They may be emptied out with a light-gauge, hand-operated auger, which is available for purchase.

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What does Roto-Rooter charge to snake a drain?

It is a national firm that charges a fixed payment for its drain clearing services, which is typically between $160 and $450 every visit. They base their cost on the severity and location of the obstruction on the road or highway. The cost of sewer inspections is included in the overall cost of the blockage removal project.

Is Roto Rooter more expensive?

“How much does Roto-Rooter cost?” is a frequently asked question. comes up on a regular basis. To summarize, Roto-Rooter is competitively priced when compared to other plumbing and water restoration firms that provide equal levels of customer care. If you’ve talked to a lot of plumbers, you’ve probably noticed that most won’t give you a price over the phone because no two tasks are identical.

How much does a plumber charge per hour?

In most cases, before travel expenses and materials, the hourly pay ranges from $70 to $120. Rates can range from $200 to $45, with the highest being $200 and the lowest being $45. They get hourly rates that include not only their salary but also insurance premiums, union dues and administration expenses, as well as equipment, car upkeep and leasing, and tools.

How do I stop my sewage from backing up?

What Can You Do to Prevent Sewer Backups?

  1. Maintain your sewer lateral.
  2. Dispose of grease in an appropriate manner.
  3. Dispose of paper products in an appropriate manner. Take, for example, plastic piping. Identify and correct any unlawful plumbing connections. Take, for example, a backwater prevention valve.
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Can you snake a main sewer line?

To clear a blockage in the main sewage system, a professional drain snake machine is used. The equipment employs a heavy-duty cable and engine to drive the obstruction through. A ground level accessible cleanout, a roof vent, or by removing the toilet and snaking through the flange are all options for doing main sewer snaking on your property.

Why do plumbers hate Drano?

The substance is extremely damaging to your drains. As soon as your pipes get clogged, Drano will sit on top of the obstruction and continue to react and generate heat until the clog is completely eliminated. It is possible that the heat will cause PVC pipes to weaken and eventually crack or collapse, putting a tremendous lot of strain on your drains.

Can a drain snake break a pipe?

Drain Snakes Have the Potential to Damage Pipes Drain snakes, although being marketed as devices that are simple to use by anybody and everyone, may be difficult to control and, if used incorrectly, can cause damage to pipes. Pipes that are over 100 years old in many homes have been galvanized, or coated with zinc, in order to keep the pipe from corroding or rusting.

What can I use instead of a drain snake?

Another option is to construct your own drain snake at home using a pipe cleaner or a wire hanger. Cut a 2-liter bottle into a spiral with “teeth” in it to make a drain snake that is both effective and inexpensive. Store-bought drain snakes are rather expensive. Wet and dry vacuums are high-capacity machines that generate a lot of suction.

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Do you tip the Roto Rooter guy?

Since plumbers make a respectable pay, it is not traditional to give them a gratuity. On a case-by-case basis, it appears that almost 50% of consumers would consider tipping their plumber, according to the survey. When it comes to plumbing works, the typical minimum gratuity amount is $20, however this number might vary greatly based on the workload.

How do I clear the main drain line in my house?

Detailed Instructions on How to Unclog a Main Sewer Line

  1. Remove the drain pipe cap and set it aside (Cleanout Pipe) In order to begin, first locate your main drain cleanout position. Next, remove the cap and let the buildup to drain. Once you’ve removed the cleanout cap, get out of the way fast. Incorporate the Snake into the Pipe. Run the Tool Until the Clog Has Disappeared.
  2. Clean Up.

How do you know if your main line is clogged?

Symptoms that your sewer line may be backed up

  1. Water with a tinge of rust.
  2. Water Backing Up in Your Tub or Shower. One of the most common signs of a main-drain obstruction is water backing up into your tub or shower. Give some thought to the drains in your house for a moment. gurgling sounds
  3. clogged plumbing fixtures
  4. gurgling sounds Turn off the water supply and contact a plumber.

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