How To Shorten A Snake Chain Necklace? (Solution found)

Due to the non-adjustable clasp soldered to either end of the snake chain necklace, you will need jewelry making abilities in order to shorten the necklace. Once the necklace has been shortened, you will connect a new clasp to the other end of the necklace. 7

Can you cut a snake chain?

Cut the snake chain to the length you choose with wire cutters or a jewelry saw and blade if necessary. Check that the end caps have a good fit over the end of the snake chain before using them. Check that the clasp and jump rings are compatible with the end caps and snake chain before using them. The jump ring and catch on the end caps must be able to pass through the loop on the end caps.

Can you shorten a snake bracelet?

The method of shortening rope chains, snake chains, and thick, stone-studded cuban/curb chains is more difficult than the process of shortening standard chain. In certain cases, the procedure is irreversible even if the premise of detaching the portion and reattaching it to the rest of the object remains unchanged.

Can you fix snake chain?

Soldering snake chain may be a difficult task. It is, nonetheless, possible to do! To get this perfect, you’ll need a steady hand, a lot of patience, and a lot of practice. In order to repair the snake chain, you’ll need to solder your chain extender to each end of the chain.

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Can you shorten herringbone chain?

When you kink a herringbone chain, it’s pretty much game over for the chain. It’ll never be the same after this experience. If you manage to straighten out the kink and get the chain flat again, the chain will always be weaker and more brittle in that particular location. It’ll just keep kinking and twisting till it snaps at some point..

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