What Happened To Venom Snake? (Best solution)

Snake with Venom He is also subjected to hypnosis in order to believe that he is in fact Big Boss. Venom Snake ultimately recovers and, together with Ocelot and Miller, contributes to the rebuilding of Mother Base. After that, he is transformed into the “phantom” of the actual Snake, and he is the one that is murdered by Solid Snake in Outer Heaven a decade after that.

Why did Venom Snake die?

His initial job was as a physician with Militaries San Frontieres, but he was transformed into Big boss via surgery and hypnotism in order to take over as Big Boss while the original worked on the construction of Outer Heaven. In the end, he is slain by Solid Snake in Metal Gear, leaving Big Boss to continue his struggle for the next generation.

Is Venom Snake really dead?

Solid Snake is the one who kills Big Boss at the conclusion of the first game, but it turns out that it was Venom Snake who did it. Thus, Venom Snake is the first Snake to perish, having spent so much time in Big Boss’ shadow that the two characters were virtually indistinguishable from one another all the way up to his death.

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Who killed Venom Snake?

It also reveals that the Outer Heaven revolt takes place in 1995, but is put down by Solid Snake, who murders Big Boss’s phantom, Punished ‘Venom’ Snake, in order to keep the peace. The timeline comes to a conclusion with the words ‘Big Boss dies.’ After the credits have rolled, there is a last discussion. Miller and Ocelot are involved in the conversation, which is about Big Boss’s ambitions.

Where did Venom Snake die?

At the conclusion of Metal Gear 1, Venom dies on the year 1995. (not metal gear solid). According to MGS 5, Venom served as Big Boss’ body duplicate in Operation Intrude N313, according to the retcon. The actual Big Boss, who appears at the conclusion of Metal Gear 2 in 1999 during the Zanzibar land uprising, is presumed to have died.

Is Venom Snake a clone?

At the very least, Venom Snake, Big Boss’ real body duplicate and the game’s main protagonist, appears to be gaining favor with the gaming public. Venom, despite the fact that he is yet another clone of Big Boss, is a considerably more intriguing character as a result of the fact that he lived a full existence before becoming a clone.

Did Big Boss care about venom?

While it is evident that Big Boss is willing to go to any length to achieve his goal, his candid chats with Revolver Ocelot during the Truth Tapes appear to indicate that he has a profound affection for Venom as well. Big Boss, on the other hand, never viewed them to be an extension of himself.

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Is Big Boss a villain?

And Big Boss was every bit the plot-twisting antagonist that you’d expect him to be. Big Boss was first posed as Snake’s commander, and he would use a radio phone to communicate with his subordinate in order to give him advise. Largely due to the fact that the further you progressed into Outer Heaven, the more erratic Big Boss’ assistance became.

Why is Liquid Snake evil?

Because Liquid’s understanding of 8th grade biology is so confusingly poor, it’s easy to overlook the fact that he is technically the “stronger” son of Big Boss without even recognizing it. His recessive genes are completely absent, whilst Snake’s dominant genes are completely absent. As a result, he encourages Liquid to believe that he is intrinsically worse than his twin.

Why does Venom Snake have a horn?

A piece of shrapnel becomes stuck in Snake’s brain following the explosion that occurs at the conclusion of Ground Zeroes. Because removing it may induce hemorrhaging, which would result in Snake’s death, doctors are leaving it in place for now.

Is Venom Snake the medic?

In the end, it is revealed that Venom Snake is a former surgeon and combat medic who underwent face reconstruction and subliminal brainwashing in order to serve as Big Boss’ body double; he is also shown to be the guy who was slain by Solid Snake at the conclusion of the original 1987 game.

Is Big Boss and Venom Snake the same person?

Big Boss’ previous version from the 1987 Metal Gear game is retrospectively introduced as a different character in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, where he is known as Venom Snake. The Japanese version of him is portrayed by Akio Tsuka, and the English version is voiced by David Hayter in these games.

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Why are we still here just to suffer?

Big Boss’ previous version from the 1987 Metal Gear game is retrospectively established as a different character in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, where he is referred to as Venom Snake. The Japanese version of him is portrayed by Akio Tsuka, while the English version is voiced by David Hayter.

Did Big Boss train Solid Snake?

METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN is the fifth installment in the Metal Gear Solid series. What was it about Solid Snake that made Big Boss want him to fail in Metal Gear 1? After all, Big Boss is back in leadership of FOXHOUND at this time in the tale. He was also teaching Solid Snake at this point (David).

Is Venom Snake and Solid Snake the same person?

Outer Haven’s Venom Snake is a duplicate of Solid Snake, whom Solid Snake mistakenly murdered in the belief that he had killed Big Boss. The primary character in Phantom Pain, on the other hand, is Venom Snake, who, I believe, is introduced near the beginning of the game.

Was liquid really Ocelot?

MGS4 clarifies at the end of the film that Ocelot was never possessed by Liquid Snake. He employed nanomachines to implant Liquid’s personality into his own body, replacing it with his own. The reason for this is to get out of Patriot’s line of sight. As a result, he is indeed Ocelot, as previously stated.

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