What Size Drain Snake Do I Need?

Sewer cables and drain snakes are divided into several categories.

BATHTUB 1-1/2″ — 2″ 1/4″ OR 5/16″
SHOWERS 2″ — 3″ 5/16″, 3/8″ OR 13/32″
FLOOR DRAIN 3″ OR MORE 3/8″, 13/32″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″ OR 0.55″
FLOOR DRAIN 4″ — 5″ 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 0.55″ OR 0.66″


How do you pick a drain snake?

Because they are intended for the most difficult of clogs, the cable should be no smaller than 5/8 inch in diameter and 75 to 100 feet in length at a minimum. Cleanouts to the street are normally cleaned out with this snake, which is meant to clear out drains that are 3 inches or bigger in diameter.

Can a drain snake break a pipe?

Drain Snakes Have the Potential to Damage Pipes Drain snakes, although being marketed as devices that are simple to use by anybody and everyone, may be difficult to control and, if used incorrectly, can cause damage to pipes. Pipes that are over 100 years old in many homes have been galvanized, or coated with zinc, in order to keep the pipe from corroding or rusting.

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Is it safe to snake your own drain?

You may clear obstructions from your drains by snake-ing them yourself. Routine, tiny sink blockages caused by hairballs or food leftovers are often found in the u-shaped trap just below the sink or only a few feet lower in the drainpipe, depending on the situation. They may be emptied out with a light-gauge, hand-operated auger, which is available for purchase.

Do drain snakes really work?

Snakes are ideal for cleaning out tiny drains, such as those in the kitchen or bathroom sink. Augers are particularly useful for bigger pipes, such as your toilet or shower drain. Pipes greater than 4 inches in diameter do not often clog, but if they do, they must be replaced or a mechanical auger must be used to unclog the pipe.

Is Drano bad for pipes?

Drano® will not do any damage to your pipes or plumbing. It is not need to be concerned since Drano® solutions are powerful enough to dissolve even the most stubborn clogs, yet they will not harm your plastic or metal pipes. All Drano® products are completely safe to use and may be used with either plastic or metal pipes.

Can you snake a toilet with a drain snake?

You use a drain snake to unclog drains by inserting a long, retractable metal cable into them and pulling it down down the drain to either grasp or force stuff through the drain. When it comes to drain snakes, a toilet snake is a sort of drain snake that is designed exclusively for use on toilets.

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Can you snake Orangeburg pipe?

If you have Orangeburg sewer pipes, the bad news is that the only choice for you is to have them completely replaced. When roots make their way into this pipe, using a mechanical snake to clear them out might cause much more issues than you started with. Because of the smashed pipe, it is not possible to restore this plumbing. Simply put, you have no other choice except to replace the item.

How do you get a snake past the bend in the pipe?

In order to operate a snake properly, you must first enter the head into the drain and then push extremely gently and without cranking. In certain cases, if you try to force it, it will fold back on itself and come out of the drain entirely. If the auger is the right one for the job, it should slide smoothly through the pipe if you push it gently and slowly through the pipe.

Can you snake a PVC pipe?

Due to the smooth walls of PVC pipes, which do not allow debris to cling to them, they are an improvement over cast-iron pipes. This means that, even if you have to clear a clogged drain that is deep in the pipe, you can typically do it with a plunger or drain snake.

How do you unclog a drain if a snake doesn’t work?

If the auger is still not functioning, contact a plumber. If you are unable to clear a clog in a sink drain with an auger placed into the drain, you should attempt to clear the blockage through the U-shaped trap under the sink.

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How often should I snake my drains?

If your drains are clogged on a monthly basis, it’s a good idea to have them cleaned as soon as possible. For maintenance, we recommend cleaning them every two years, but if you have a large household and use the sinks frequently, we may propose more regular cleaning.

Can you snake a main sewer line?

To clear a blockage in the main sewage system, a professional drain snake machine is used. The equipment employs a heavy-duty cable and engine to drive the obstruction through. A ground level accessible cleanout, a roof vent, or by removing the toilet and snaking through the flange are all options for doing main sewer snaking on your property.

How do you snake a drain without a snake?

Using the help of a professional drain snaking equipment, it is possible to snake a major sewage line and force through a clog with a heavy-duty cable and motor. A ground level accessible cleanout, a roof vent, or by removing the toilet and snaking through the flange are all options for doing main sewer snaking tasks.

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