What Size Snake For Toilet? (Best solution)

Snakes that are large or heavy Because they are intended for the most difficult of clogs, the cable should be no smaller than 5/8 inch in diameter and 75 to 100 feet in length at a minimum. Cleanouts to the street are normally cleaned out with this snake, which is meant to clear out drains that are 3 inches or bigger in diameter.

Can you use a regular snake on a toilet?

Plumbing snakes (also known as drain cables), which are used to unclog sinks, may actually harm the porcelain toilet bowl that is installed in the toilet. A plumbing snake, the auger has a protective sleeve around it to keep the bowl from being damaged during operation.

What kind of snake do I need for toilet?

When it comes to drain snakes, a toilet snake is a sort of drain snake that is designed exclusively for use on toilets. A toilet snake is used in the same manner as a drain snake is used, except that toilet snakes are constructed expressly so that they will not harm the porcelain of your toilet bowl when in use.

What is the difference between a toilet auger and a snake?

Drain snakes are useful for cleaning out smaller drains, such as those under your kitchen or bathroom sink. Drain augers are used to clear clogs in bigger pipes, such as your toilet or shower drain. An auger will be used for lines in the 1-1/2′′ – 3′′ range, and a snake will be used for lines in the 1-1/4′′ – 2′′ range. When they do, it’s usually because of roots that have grown into the pipes.

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How do you unblock a badly clogged toilet?

How Do You Unclog a Toilet That Is Extremely Clogged?

  1. Soap is a good option. Dish soap acts as a form of lubricant, allowing the clog to be freed and the debris to be removed. Plunge using a different Plunger. Try using a coat hanger.
  2. Experiment with dissolving the clog.
  3. Experiment with a plastic bottle.
  4. Experiment with vinegar and baking soda. Why isn’t the toilet unclogging any longer?

How do you use a plumbers snake in the toilet?

Insert the auger’s end into the toilet bowl so that it is pointing down the toilet bowl drain. Turn the lever in a clockwise direction to extend the auger’s cable (or “snake”) down into the drain in the direction of the clogged pipe.

When should I snake my toilet?

So if you’ve tried everything, including a plunger, a hot-water flush, and even a DIY baking soda remedy, and things are still not running as they should, it’s definitely time to call in the snake (also known as a plumber’s auger) for help.

Can a drain snake break a pipe?

Drain Snakes Have the Potential to Damage Pipes Drain snakes, although being marketed as devices that are simple to use by anybody and everyone, may be difficult to control and, if used incorrectly, can cause damage to pipes. Pipes that are over 100 years old in many homes have been galvanized, or coated with zinc, in order to keep the pipe from corroding or rusting.

What does a plumbing auger look like?

Often referred to as a plumbing auger or plumbing snake, a plumbing auger or plumbing snake is a long, flexible metal cable with a tiny, uncoiled spring at one end and a handle at the other. The auger head on the snake has the appearance of a corkscrew. Snakes used by home plumbers are typically approximately 50 feet in length. When you’re not using the cable, it automatically coils up.

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Do I need to remove toilet to snake drain?

It would be necessary to totally disassemble the toilet fixture in order to have access to the plumbing drain beneath the toilet if a pipe snake machine were used to snake the toilet drain. The use of a pipe snake machine on a smaller drain line, such as a sink drain, will need the removal of the trap system located beneath the sink basin.

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