Where Is Jake The Snake Roberts Now? (Perfect answer)

Jake Roberts has been a terrifying presence on American Extreme Wrestling. Jake Roberts announced in July 2021 that he had signed a two-year contract extension with All Elite Wrestling, which was effective immediately. As a result, fans can expect to see a lot more of the seasoned artist in the AEW’s programming in the next year as a result of this.

What’s wrong with Jake the Snake Roberts?

Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ cancer has reappeared, according to the WWE Hall of Famer. According to TMZ Sports, which obtained the information via The Washington Post’s Marissa Payne, the wrestling icon made the news during an indie wrestling performance over the weekend.

How old is Jake the Snake Roberts now?

Any serious fan of professional wrestling is well aware that Jake “The Snake” Roberts hasn’t had an easy life up to this point. He is well-known for having fought drug difficulties for decades, but he has persevered and has now been sober for several years.

Is Jake the Snake in a wheelchair?

Recently, it has been reported that the health of WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts has deteriorated. Roberts has been battling with health concerns, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), for some time. Roberts has been confined to a wheelchair and dependent on an oxygen supply for some time.

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What’s Jake the Snake Roberts real name?

“The Snake” Roberts is the ring name of Aurelian Smith Jr. (born May 30, 1955), an American professional wrestler and actor who is now signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where he serves as the manager of Lance Archer.

How old is triple?

Jake Roberts has been absent from AEW television for an extended period of time, and it has been revealed that the WWE Hall of Famer has recently undergone foot surgery. Roberts tweeted that he was “back in the saddle again” in response to a question. He expressed his gratitude to the fans for their support, as well as to AEW for “making him a part of it.”

Who killed Jake the Snakes snake?

On Inside the Ropes, Jake remembered the historic occasion when John “Earthquake” Tenta’s finishing move on Damien resulted in the snake Jake was carrying to the ring being squelched and killed during his WWE stint.

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