Where To Find Snake Key Resident Evil 7? (Question)

The snake key may be found in the dissection room, which is part of the processing area. To acquire access to the re and blue key card locations, you must first obtain the snake key. The snake key may also be used to open a door in the Dissection chamber, which is located downstairs. The Snake key location in Resident Evil 7 is the most difficult of the three keys to locate out of the three.

How do I get the snake key in Resident Evil 7?

Make your way up to the Dissection Room and dissect the body from the neck down, which will provide you access to the Snake Key. When you leave the chamber, two foes will be waiting for you on the stairwell to the left. The best course of action is to ignore them, turn right, and run down the stairs until you reach the Snake Key at the bottom of the stairs.

Where is the snake key located in Resident Evil?

When Lucas summons you to play a game and instructs you to travel to the Dissection Room, where you must search for the Snake Key within the body of a deceased deputy, you will only be able to locate it.

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Where are the keys in Resident Evil 7?

Locations of Resident Evil 7’s Keys

  1. The location of the Scorpion Key. You must first head to the Processing Area in order to locate this key. Location of the Crow Key. You must go to the first level of the Old House in order to locate the Crow Key.
  2. Snake Key Location.
  3. Dissection Room Key.
  4. Crow Key Location.

Where is the deputy’s body in Resident Evil 7?

It’s impossible to prevent it, so you’ll have to follow Lucas’ directions to the letter. Your destination is the dissecting room, which contains the (remains of the) deputy’s body. Enter the safe chamber, which is located at the entrance to the basement, to save your game and organize your stuff.

Where is the scorpion key in Resident Evil 7?

Location. The Scorpion Key may be found in the Processing Area, stuffed within the body of a corpse on a nearby table. In addition to being locked up in the bird cage in the Main Hall, the Scorpion Key is also available for purchase for three Antique Coins on the Madhouse difficulty setting.

How long is the Resident Evil 7 campaign?

HowLongToBeat estimates that “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” will take you approximately 9 hours to complete if you play it straight through, while it will take you about 11 and a half hours to complete the main plot and unlock some of the bonuses. Full completion of the game will take you upwards of 20 hours due to the fact that you will have to play through it several times.

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How do you get to the test area in Resident Evil 7?

The Testing Area in Resident Evil 7 is accessed after you’ve gathered both Key Cards in the Main House from the Kid’s Room and the Master Bedroom. It represents a little change in pace from the previous locations, as you’ll be on the lookout for explosives and encounter new foes in this area.

Where is the key to grandma’s room in Resident Evil 7?

You can enter Grandma’s chamber after you have the scorpion key in your possession. Located on the upper floor of the main home, at the far left corner facing away from the dual staircases, it is a private retreat. The scorpion key will allow you to enter Grandma’s chamber.

What is the broken handgun for in Resident Evil 7?

The Broken Handgun is a consumable item in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard that may be found in the game’s inventory. The Broken Handgun cannot be utilized on its own; but, when paired with a Repair Kit, it may be transformed into a M19 Handgun for use in combat.

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